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Cartoon Caption Winners

January/February 2016

“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.” Steve Fankuchen, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February 2016 cartoon (see 1 Corinthians 11:14–15). We are pleased to congratulate Steve Fankuchen of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, who wrote the winning caption.


“Toupee or not toupee?” C.T. Howes, Havertown, Pennsylvania
“… but it does cover a multitude of sins.” Susan Jacobs, Rochester, Minnesota

Honorable Mention

“Just because you’re a shepherd doesn’t mean you have to look like a sheep.” Jan Streilein, Aiken, South Carolina
Sonny and Cher were running late for the Nativity Pageant. Jordan Varey, Waldheim, Saskatchewan, Canada
After the Bible study, great was Phoebe’s relief when she realized it was not a mirror but a magnifying glass. Mark Aho, Ferndale, Washington
“Sarah, my darling, I love it when you wear your hair down. You make me feel 98 again.” Shelly Weingart, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“Get a haircut or get another date!” Nellie Becker, Vershire, Vermont
“God must have made you from Adam’s hair!” Garbanzo Russo, Olympia, Washington
“What do you mean, ‘I’m no Samson?!’” Beth Steiner, Oxford, United Kingdom
“I know we’re not bound by Jewish law, thanks be to Christ, but I do worry about the fashion police.” Paul Moyer, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
“Samson’s great-great-great nephew takes hairdressing to the next level.” Barbara Landry, Katy, Texas
“Vows, shmows! Quit that Nazirite stuff and be a real man!” Irving Alan Sparks, San Diego, California
“Look, Samson, if you don’t give me my hairbrush back, you’re going to wake up some morning without those golden locks.” Edward Dobberstein, Hayesville, North Carolina
“Listen, honey, my shame is that I can’t afford a barber.” Paul McMorris, Woodstock, Vermont