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Cartoon Caption Winners

January/February 2015

“The first digital cloud.” Dr. Roger H. Grummer, Colleyville, Texas

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February 2015 cartoon (see 1 Kings 18:44). We are pleased to congratulate Dr. Roger H. Grummer of Colleyville, Texas, who wrote the winning caption.


“O Ahab, come down and experience some serious ‘climate change’!!!” Thomas E. Wickline, Tacoma, Washington
“Note to self—Be more specific when asking God to ‘lend a hand’!” Martin Bowers, Lexington, South Carolina

Honorable Mention

“I’d feel even better if the thumb was up.” Daniel Buck, New Paris, Indiana
“Wish I’d learned hand signals 101 for weather forecasting.” Leon Sonksen, Aurora, Colorado
“Elijah proved ‘handy’ when it came to forecasting the weather.” Stephen Terry, Airway Heights, Washington
“Oops! Elijah, did you ask for a ‘land full of rain’ or a ‘handful of rain’?” Rena M. Welborn, Catlettsburg, Kentucky
“Ish! Never did I believe servanthood would be so hands-on.” William Hart Brown, Auburn, Washington
“Is this the ‘hand out’ Elijah expected?” Gary Gradwell, Queensburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
“I know you just baaled me out with fire, but could you give me a hand with some rain?” Jon Cushman, Olympia, Washington
“Whoa! I’ll bet the National Weather Service didn’t pick up on this one.” Rick Pace, Griffin, Georgia
“What? Seven trips and all I get is a high five?” Tim Cannon, Osceola, Iowa
“I told them I can’t read smoke signals that are handwritten.” Brian Knight, Ladoga, Indiana
“Elijah went on to win the International Meteorologists Award for ‘Most Accurate Forecast’.” Anthonie Herrman, Independence, Missouri
“Although his vision became cloudy, he ran back with news he thought would make a big splash.” Edith Mold-Worthington, Luverne, Alabama