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Current and Past Cartoon Caption Contest Winners

September/October 2018

Hey, I was using that! Wayne Hodgins, Côte-Saint-Luc, Quebec, Canada


You did say you had a ‘bone to pick’ with those Philistines! Mike Lerud, Woodbury, Minnesota
Of course you may burro it. Karl Larew, New Park, Pennsylvania

Honorable Mention

And now for my next jaw-dropping trick … Barsha Cookie, East Kingston, New Hampshire
I thought you said it would cost me an arm and a leg. Richard Hatcher, New Hope, Alabama
I need that back, pal! Paul McMorris, Taftsville, Vermont
Oh, no! That’s the rugged jawline of my FATHER! Brian Jenkins, Kearney, Nebraska
Yeah, good choice … but next time how about a nice bow and arrow instead? Rabbi David Wucher, Huntington, West Virginia
To unleash the full power of the jawbone, Samson, shout ‘Hee Haw!’ as you swing it. Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
Hey, Sam, that belonged to my cousin! Denny Burchett, Springfield, Tennessee
For the tenth time, I said, ‘Fetch,’ you stubborn mule! Paul DeRobertis, Manalapan, New Jersey
I know you had to kill the Philistines, but did you have to use Uncle Bob? Bryon Black, Middletown, Maryland
Well I don’t want it back now! James Bie, Palm Desert, California
Please, Grandpa really needs that to eat his oats. Eduardo Hernandez, Fort Stockton, Texas
Dentistry may not be your vocation. James Barrett, Worcester, Massachusetts
From lockjaw to lackjaw. Robert Hunt, New York, New York
Bet you are bone tired! Julia Copper, Bells, Texas